General Articles / HOWTOs

  1. High level overview of Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
  2. Step-by-Step flow of a user request for SSO via Oracle Access Manager
  3. Retrieve the random global passphrase for Simple Mode ?
  4. Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11g Essentials Exam (1Z0-479)
  5. Configure Webgate to include Execution context ID (ECID) for troubleshooting
  6. Data Repositories in Oracle Access Manager Part I

WNA Integration for Zero Sign On

  1. OAM: WNA: Kerberos: HOWTO enable OAM Server logging for Kerberos debug messages ?
  2. WNA Integration: UserPrincipalName: SamAccountName: No valid users for the condition: attribute userPrincipalName
  3. Presentation on WNA @ AIOUG  SANGAM 2015

Issues Encountered

  1. Issues faced while integrating OAM 11g with AD (WNA, Kerberos) for Zero Sign-on
  2. OAM 11GR2: access denied (oracle.security.jps.service.credstore.CredentialAccessPermission context=SYSTEM,mapName=OAM_STORE,keyName=jks read)
  3. IAM: OAM: Database Security Store : configureSecurityStore.py Error: Failed to initialize security store
  4. OAM 11gR2 : Admin Server : Error: Diagnostics data was not saved to the credential store
  5. OAM-02010: User account is locked. Authentication failed.