General Articles

  1. Running Design Console from local Desktop/Laptop
  2. Provisioning and Reconciliation Basics
  3. OIM: Delayed Delete User: XL.UserDeleteDelayPeriod: HOWTO configure delayed deletion of disabled users?
  4. OIM: OUD Connector: Lookup reconciliation scheduled jobs
  5. OIM: HOWTO create Role Membership Rule ?
  6. OIM: OUD Connector: Configure Pre-populate adapters
  7. OIM: OUD Connector: Add custom attribute: Extend Connector
  8. OIM: OUD Connector: Direct Provisioning
  9. OIM: Disconnected Resources
  10. Roles and Role Categories
  11. Event Re-evaluation and Closure: Link OUD account with OIM account
  12. Event Ad Hoc Linking and Closure: HOWTO link account in OUD or OID to a user/identity in OIM ?
  13. OIM: Predefined SOA composites
  14. Purge Cache: HOWTO clear content related to connector files?
  15. HOWTO customize and save searches for efficiency purposes ?
  16. Bulk Load Utility: What’s New in OIM11gR2 Bulkload Utility ?
  17. Bulk Load Utility Part 1
  18. Bulk Load Utility Part 2
  19. Oracle Diagnostic Logging: Log Configuration
  20. Dashboard/UI Personalization
  21. Certifications: HOWTO enable Certifications in OIM 11G R2 PS2 ?
  22. Certifications overview
  23. OPAM: Requesting “Break-Glass” access ?
  24. What is Remote Manager?
  25. HOWTO dump DMS Metrics to a file: Incident Report
  26. Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS): Performance Diagnostics Tool


  1. OIM: OUD Connector: Installation and Configuration

 Issues Encountered

  1. OIM11gR2 Location of .xldatabasekey
  2.  OIM RCU Creation – XATRANS Views are not installed on this Database
  3. OIM Design Console not running – javax/ejb/CreateException
  4. [Security:097533]SecurityProvider service class name for OIMAuthenticationProvider is not specified..
  5. OIM_SERVER : Failed to invoke startup class “JRF Startup Class”, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jrf.wls.JRFStartup
  6. Error: Publish Sandbox Failed: MDS-00001: exception in Medtadata Services later: MDS-00165: MDS-00164: There is a concurrent “UPDATE” operation on the document


  1. OIM: 1Z0-459 Oracle Identity Governance Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist