Oracle Cloud Management : OMC : Deploying the Gateway

In this blog post, I will discuss the steps to be followed for deploying a Gateway for Oracle Management Cloud service.

A Typical Deployment Typology for Oracle Management Cloud is as below:


A Gateway acts as a proxy between Oracle Management Cloud and all other cloud agents.

The gateway authenticates the cloud agent in the client security service layer by checking if the cloud agent is a valid entity. The gateway then receives the logs from the cloud agent.

The gateway uploads the logs using a data pipeline and stores the logs in a distributed file system on the unified big data platform of Oracle Management Cloud.

Note: Deploy the gateway on one or more hosts with Internet access to Oracle Management Cloud. A gateway should be deployed on a standalone machine and it does not require any on-premises Oracle Enterprise Manager agent. In addition, the gateway install user should have read and write permissions to the base directory in the host where you plan to deploy the gateway.

Preparing to deploy the Gateway :

  1. Download the Master Installer to shared directory on the target host . Steps to do so are, blogged in this link . In my case, the shared directory is : /mnt/software/oracle
  2. Unzip the Master Installer
  3. If you are trying to deploy the Oracle Management Cloud agents (or you need any host to connect to Oracle Management Cloud) over a proxy server, then you need to set the proxy variables, http_proxy and https_proxy on the host where you’re deploying the agents. To set up the proxy setting in my host, I did following steps

          a) Updated proxy variables in the  bash_profile file in /home/oracle 

            export http_proxy=<port>/
            export https_proxy=<port>/

         b) Update the environment variable

              export http_proxy=<port>/
              export https_proxy=<port>/

       c) Create file and add the proxy variable in following format. 

                                OMC_PROXYHOST=<Your proxy server address>
                                OMC_PROXYPORT=<Your proxy server port>
                                OMC_PROXYREALM=<Your proxy realm>
                                OMC_PROXYUSER=<Your proxy user name>
                                OMC_PROXYPWD=<Your proxy user password>

Note : The file is located at the path where you’ve downloaded and extracted your master installer bundle.

Points to remember while deploying the gateway:

  1. You shouldn’t deploy the gateway as a root user.
  2. You need to deploy one gateway for every 2000 cloud agents.
  3. Agent port can be any port in the range of 1830-1849

Deploying the Gateway:

  1. Identify a host in your data center with Internet access to Oracle Management Cloud.
  2. Login as to host as Oracle user.
  3. Copy the Master Installer to the host where you’ll deploy the gateway, and then extract the ZIP file


     4. Create a directory named gway_agent where you want to deploy your gateway.

           cd /u01/oracle/products
           mkdir -p gway_agent

     5. Run the installer script to deploy the gateway :

          Format : “./ AGENT_TYPE=gateway AGENT_REGISTRATION_KEY= <value of the    registration key> AGENT_BASE_DIR=<the absolute path to the agent base directory, such as              gway_agent> AGENT_PORT=<enter the port>”

In my case, I used following script :

./ AGENT_TYPE=gateway AGENT_REGISTRATION_KEY=RxRGGctAZCESMPJuZkCm-E AGENT_BASE_DIR=/u01/oracle/products/gway_agent AGENT_PORT=1830

The output of running installer script is :


     6. (Only on UNIX-based hosts) As a root user, run the command from Agent_Base_Dir:


This completes the installation of gateway. The next step is verifying the successful deployment of gateway.

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