Oracle Management Cloud : OMC : Verifying the Deployment of Gateway

In this blog, I will explain the steps to verify that the gateway has been deployed successfully on your host and available in Oracle Cloud Management.

  1. Sign in to My Services through ““.

2. Launch the service that you want to access, such as IT Analytics or Log Analytics from your Dashboard.

3. On the Service Details Page, Click on the Service Instance URL

4. On the Home Page of the service, Click the Application navigator icon on the top right corner, and click Agents under Administration.

5. On the Oracle Management Cloud Agents page, Click on Gateway.

6. Check if the host name of your deployed gateway exists in the list of available gateways.

You can click the gateway entry and match the specified registration key value with the registration key that you had received as a part of the master installer ZIP file.
With this step we complete the deployment of Gateway for Oracle Management Cloud.

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