General Articles

  1. Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2PS3 announcement with overview of new features and other things.
  2. All you needs to know about Oracle Directory Services including OUD.
  3. Introduction to OUD.
  4. Oracle Unified Directory Architecture and its main components.
  5. Oracle Unified Directory – Basic Administration Tasks.
  6. HOW TO Uninstall OUD ?


  1. Installation of OUD, Weblogic, ADF and Configuration of ODSM – 11gR2PS2
  2. Installation of OUD, Weblogic, ADF and Configuration of ODSM – 11gR2PS3

Directory Server

  1. Setting up OUD as Directory Server.

Replication Server

  1. Replication Server Overview
  2. Oracle Unified Directory: Deploying OUD in a Replication Topology
  3. HOW TO find Replication Status?
  4. Topology Manager and Global Administrator in Replication Topology.
  5. Oracle Unified Directory: OUD: Global Index Catalog

OUD Connector

  1. OIM: OUD Connector: Installation and Configuration
  2. OIM: OUD Connector: Configure Pre-populate adapters
  3. OIM: OUD Connector: Add custom attribute: Extend Connector

Issues Encountered

  1. Attribute replace is not supported in schema.