General Articles or HOWTOs

  1. SOA & BPM EXTENSIONS for JDeveloper 11g
  2. OSB prespective and OSB Resource missing from Eclipse OEPE Plugin
  3. SOA Governance / Security
  4. Integrated SOA Gateway
  5. Check Service Endpoint In SOA EM console?
  6. Composite Details from dehydration store.
  7. Use JConsole to Monitor Applications?
  8. Retire/shutdown/start/activate/deploy/undeploy composite using custom WLST commands.
  9. Generate SOA Log For Debugging Integrated SOA Gateway Issues
  10. Upcoming webcasts on SOA and BPM
  11. Weblogic : Faster Startup time for Weblogic Server
  12. OIM: Predefined SOA composites

Issues Encountered

  1. SOA Composer Not Opening . .
  2. BEA-280061 The persistent store “_WLS_AdminServer” could not be deployed . Store:280021 There was an error while opening the file store file “_WLS_ADMINSERVER000000.DAT”
  3. Unable to retrieve composite details.
  4. Error: “\Java\jre6\lib\ext\ was unexpected at this time.”
  5. Error: 404 Not Found OracleJSP: Set the init-param debug_mode to “true” to see the complete exception message.
  6. SOA Performance Issues
  7. Error : OSB: Failed to obtain WLS Edit lock; it is currently held by user weblogic.
  8. CLONE-20408 Unsupported T2P configuration found while examining machines